July 13, 2020
10:38:37 AM

Plastic Corrugated (Coroplast)



Plastic Corrugated is an alternate solution to cardboard boxes. Also known as


Coroplast, Plastic Corrugated is made from high impact polypropylene resin with


a similar make-up to corrugated fibreboard. Plastic Corrugated is a light-weight


tough material which can easily be cut by a utility knife. Plastic Corrugated is


offered in many different colours and thicknesses.






There are several benefits that come from using Plastic Corrugated versus using


standard cardboard corrugated containers. Plastic Corrugated is made of


high-impact polypropylene resin making containers / sheets / partitions ideal for


multiple uses before needing to be replaced. Plastic Corrugated packaging is also


resistant to most oil, solvents, and water adding another factor of protection


against adverse weather conditions or harsh chemical exposure.






Plastic Corrugated can be produced in many different configurations including


standard Shipping Cartons, Sheets, Partitions, or even for Commercial Signs.


Plastic Corrugated can be produced in a wide range of colours and thickness


to suit all of your project's needs.





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