July 13, 2020
11:44:38 AM

Moulded Pulp



Moulded Pulp is a style of protective packaging that is completely made of recycled


paper or corrugated products. The recycled products are broken down into pulp


and then formed into various layouts to provide a snug, protective shell for the item


being shipped. We have a variety of styles available of moulded pulp already in stock.






Moulded Pulp provides serveral benefits such as the protection it offers from impact,


vibration or shock. Its soft surfaces reduce scratching and abrasion and is unaffected


by temperatures. Moulded Pulp also reduces storage space while transporting or


storing by design with stackable features.



Some other benefits of Moulded Pulp are lowered labour requirements since there is


no assembly required. Pulp pricing is also not linked to gas, oil or resin pricing therefore


does not suffer from major pricing fluctuations. Aside from cost savings and general


benefits, Moulded Pulp is beneficial to the environment as it is 100% biodegradable,


recyclable and uses minimal energy to create.




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