July 22, 2019
12:23:24 AM

Rigitainers and Flextainers





Designed to reduce the costs of materials handling and storage, Pack-Age Rigitainers

are constructed with the superior impact strength of heavy gauge welded wire mesh.

Combined with extra strong structural steel tubing and cup-type feet, they will stand up to

the most rigorous heavy-duty service.


  Standard features:   Optional features:
Welded wire and tubular steel construction Specialty type feet and casters
Positive positioning cup feet Runner bars
Half-drop gates for easy access Crane eyes
4-1/2" underclearance Sheet steel base sides
4-way fork life access Security lids
Protective aluminum paint finish    
  Design benefits:
Lightweight, yet strong
Firm, fully loaded 4-high stacking
Visible Inventory
Dust and dirt do not collect in open mesh
Safe, easy 4-way fork access in R-Series





Designed for maximizing shipping capacity, and minimizing return shipping space - 

Pack-Age returnable Flextainers are strong, stackable shipping containers that

fold down and nest for space-saving return trips.


A fully recyclable option to throw away shipping materials, they cut costs and

create savings in time, labor and landfill use. Available in a number of capacities

and optional features to meet specific shipping and storage requirements and




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