July 21, 2019
11:31:00 PM

Calstone Workstations



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Our full line of heavy duty modular industrial workbenches and ergonomic accessories

are the perfect fit into any organization.


As the industry continues to change and modernize, our superior product line persists

to accommodate the changing needs of the industry. All furniture components have

been updated and modified to enhance new technology and house new equipment.

New monitor mounts now allow the user to position a flat screen computer monitor at

the correct height and position to conduct their everyday tasks. CPU holders now

accommodate a smaller footprint and keep your computer out of the way, but still at

arms reach. Pull-out trays have been incorporated to allow easy access to printers.

Power bars have been designed with proper mounting brackets to bring power to the

work surface and updated storage accessories have been tailored to accommodate

slat-wall and specialty rails to keep important hardware and parts at attainable reach

for the user.



Organize Workflow / Product Sequencing
Maximize Floor Space / Work Space / Storage Space
Ergonomics: Movement / Reaching & Bending / Lifting
Increase Efficiency
Raise Worker Morale
Improve Aesthetics
Modular Furniture Design

Mobile Carton Stands


Roll Storage Stands

Cutting Systems

Packing Stations

Manifesting, Shipping & Receiving Stations

Heavy-Duty Stations

Over The Conveyor Workstations

Supervisor Workstations




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